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Which car wash is right for you?

Which car wash is right for you?

About Our Washes

We offer drive-through, automatic Tunnel Car Washes and 24-hour, do-it-yourself Self-Serve, and no-contact Touchless Car Washes.

Tunnel Car Washes


Tunnel Car Washes are our most popular car wash format. The automatic, conveyorized, drive-through design allows us to quickly clean your car with express exterior cleaning.

Self-Serve Car Washes


Self-Serve Car Washes allow you to clean your car exterior yourself with powerful and well maintained equipment. Open 24 hours.

Touchless Car Washes


For those who prefer a touch-free washing experience, Touchless Car Washes offers a superior experience. Open 24 hours.

Top-Tier Gas


Many of our locations also sell premium TOP TIER™ gasoline brands including Chevron and 76.

Hungry Bear Markets


Hungry Bear Market™ offers fast, friendly, and clean stores that go beyond your average convenience stores and a wide variety of snacks, beverages and everything in between to meet your busy life

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