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Our team and culture are second to none.

Our team and culture are second to none.

Meet Our Team

Most of our senior management have been a part of the team throughout most of their career, making them the heart and soul of Brown Bear.

Corporate Executives

Victor Odermat
  • Victor Odermat
  • President
  • Mr. Odermat, a former Marine Corps Officer, founded the company in 1957. His vision, hard work, and persistence in "taking care of the customer" has led this company for more than 60 years.

Lance Odermat
  • Lance Odermat
  • Vice President / General Counsel
Tom North
  • Tom North
  • Chief Operations Officer
Steve Palmer
  • Steve Palmer
  • Chief Financial Officer / Marketing Director

Senior Managers

Brown Bear Car Wash is led by a talented and experienced team of executives and managers. Our number one mission is to provide the best car wash services available anywhere while also protecting our water resources.

Omar Molinari
  • Omar Molinari
  • General Manager
Jeff Knutson
  • Jeff Knutson
  • Self-Serve Operations Manager
George Hobson
  • George Hobson
  • Human Resources Manager
Mark Jacobsen
  • Mark Jacobsen
  • Service Supervisor
Darren Bruno
  • Darren Bruno
  • Electronics Supervisor
Joe Giuseffi
  • Joe Giuseffi
  • Project Manager
Kara DeGrazia
  • Kara DeGrazia
  • Accounting Manager
Shay Pickett
  • Shay Pickett
  • IT Manager

Area Managers

Brown Bear Car Wash has earned a reputation for delivering great customer service. Each of our Area Managers is responsible for ensuring that every Brown Bear Car Wash location delivers on the promise of "Wash Green. Cruise Clean."

Marko Vracko
  • Marko Vracko
  • Area Manager, North/Central Puget Sound
Erik Johnson
  • Erik Johnson
  • Area Manager, South Puget Sound
Paul Aungst
  • Paul Aungst
  • Area Manager, Kitsap County
Francisco Rabadan
  • Francisco Rabadan
  • Area Manager, Central/East King County
Jeremiah Coffman
  • Jeremiah Coffman
  • Area Manager, South King County
William Hanson
  • William Hanson
  • Operations Manager, Eastern Washington
Justin Mernone
  • Justin Mernone
  • Self-Serve Operations Manager, Western Washington

Site Managers

Each of our locations is managed by one of our dedicated site managers.

Abel Acosta
  • Abel Acosta
  • Manager, Renton 2 #1008
Christina Berg
  • Christina Berg
  • Manager, Des Moines #1009
Scott Butcher
  • Scott Butcher
  • Manager, Kent #1032
Luis Carbajal
  • Luis Carbajal
  • Manager, Lake City #1051
Hannah Chadha
  • Hannah Chadha
  • Manager, Bainbridge Island #1052
Beth Cunningham
  • Beth Cunningham
  • Manager, Cheney #1056
Jorge Cuevas
  • Jorge Cuevas
  • Manager, 15th #1000
Veronica Fierro-Anaya
  • Veronica Fierro-Anaya
  • Manager, Redmond #1011
Justin Fischer
  • Justin Fischer
  • Manager, Lynnwood #1054
Gabe Gandara
  • Gabe Gandara
  • Manager, Renton 1 #1004
Trish Guinn
  • Trish Guinn
  • Manager, Poulsbo #1033
Hussain Kapasi
  • Hussain Kapasi
  • Manager, Factoria #1031
Chase Lacy
  • Chase Lacy
  • Manager, Graham #1062
Shawn Learned
  • Shawn Learned
  • Manager, Everett #1005
Sheilah Lucas
  • Sheilah Lucas
  • Manager, Lakewood #1016
Ravi Marajh
  • Ravi Marajh
  • Manager, Bellevue #1019
Marcus Meador
  • Marcus Meador
  • Manager, Aurora #1022
Eleazer Nakhumwa
  • Eleazer Nakhumwa
  • Manager, Issaquah #1030
Liza Ochoa
  • Liza Ochoa
  • Manager, Silverdale #1057
Stanley Parker
  • Stanley Parker
  • Manager, Ballard #1002
Jessica Pritchett
  • Jessica Pritchett
  • Manager, Puyallup #1034
Antonio Serrano
  • Antonio Serrano
  • Manager, Avondale #1061
J.D. Shin
  • J.D. Shin
  • Manager, Northshore #1043
AnaLisa Sierra
  • AnaLisa Sierra
  • Manager, Overlake #1039
James Swartz
  • James Swartz
  • Manager, Pine Lake #1038
Daniel Valencia-Farjado
  • Daniel Valencia-Farjado
  • Manager, 38th St #0101
Sergio Valencia
  • Sergio Valencia
  • Manager, Auburn #1010
Shenzi Valencia
  • Shenzi Valencia
  • Manager, 6th Ave #1017
Forest Walcoff
  • Forest Walcoff
  • Manager, Grady Way #1040
Morgan Walters
  • Morgan Walters
  • Manager, Bremerton #1058

Join Our Team!

We have provided personal growth and career opportunities for three generations of Puget Sound area residents. In fact, a number of the region's leading business and civic leaders first worked as car washers at Brown Bear Car Wash to help pay college expenses, and later carried our philosophy of uncompromising personal service and the pursuit of excellence into other walks of life.

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