Fleet Wash Program

Keep your corporate/municipal vehicles looking great while protecting the environment by joining our fleet washing program. Be sure that your company/municipality is reflected in a positive light by sending clean and shiny vehicles on the road!

The Benefits

  • 26 Tunnel locations throughout the area at which you can wash
  • Accounts are invoiced monthly
  • No need to distribute wash tickets or reconcile submitted receipts or charge sheets
  • Fleet maintenance is centrally administered
  • Monthly detail reports can provide vehicle info, date & time of wash, etc.
  • RFID and BARCODE technology simplifies and secures the wash transactions
  • Activate, change, or terminate wash privileges whenever desired
  • Reduce labor of washing vehicles in house
  • Streamline billing/reconciliation of wash transactions
  • Avoid environmental/utility costs of water regulations
  • Limit the type of washes
  • Ensure that only assigned vehicles are washed


Wash a minimum of 30 times per month in aggregate at our Tunnel locations across all vehicles enrolled

Install a RFID transponder on windshield and tag with barcode on doorjamb of each vehicle
(windshield tag is 3.25” x 1.25”, and doorjamb tag is 3" x 1.25")

Provide activation/deactivation information by email (i.e. Vehicle ID, RFID Tag #, License Plate #, etc.)

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Stefan Kovalenko

Stefan Kovalenko

Fleet Wash Program Manager

Note:  Stand-alone car washes without gas stations are unable to process fleet cards (Voyager, Wright Express, etc.) for car wash purchases.  If you are trying to purchase a car wash using a fleet card, you must go to a Tunnel location that has a Chevron or Texaco gas station.  Purchase the car wash at the gas station and redeem it at the car wash.