Brown Bear Car Wash protects your car and preserves its value. With over 40 locations, we've got convenient options for keeping your car shiny no matter where you are or what your wash preference.

Brown Bear Services

We offer many services, but we are known for our washes! Whether you like to sit back and relax or you prefer to get your hands dirty, we've got a wash for you. Check out our wash types below to learn more.

Other Brown Bear Services

Aside from keeping your car clean, we like to make driving easier with other necessities and services available at many of our locations. Many of our outlets also sell premium "top tier" gasoline brands including Chevron, Texaco, and ConocoPhillips 76. Top Tier gasolines contain high quality additives that protect critical engine parts. Just like Brown Bear can keep your car spotlessly clean, top tier gasolines help to keep your engine clean from harmful deposits maintaining performance.

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The first U.S. gasoline marketer to have its gasoline approved as meeting new performance criteria set by BMW, General Motors, Honda and Toyota for TOP TIER® Gasoline. Chevron quality products are designed to keep your vehicle running efficiently. Techron® Quality Gas, diesel fuels, automotive transmission fluids and our range of motor oils have been developed to meet your motoring needs.

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Phillips 66's 76® PROclean™ gasoline contains higher levels of detergent additives that help prevent deposits and help ensure peak engine performance. Not only is 76® fuel better for your car, it’s better for the environment - because a clean engine burns less fuel and emits lower emissions.

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Hungry Bear Market™

Hungry Bear Market™ offers fast, friendly, and clean stores that go beyond your average convenience stores. Hungry Bear Market offers a wide variety of snacks, beverages and everything in between to meet your busy life, including our very own Grizzly Grind Coffee. All Hungry Bear Markets offer quality Top Tier Gasoline too, just another way to serve you.

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Unlimited Wash Club

Get unlimited car washes at all Tunnel locations for a low, monthly fee, and enjoy the ease of automatic, recurring monthly billing, or pre-pay for a year and save two months!