Self Serve Car Wash

For those who prefer a do it yourself car wash, our Self Serve car washes are open 24 hours a day.

Do it Yourself. Save the Environment.

Self Serve Car Wash Example

At each of our Brown Bear Self Serve car wash locations across Washington, you’ll find clean, well-kept facilities and an unrivaled commitment to customer service.  We only use gentle cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for Northwest driving conditions and just like our Tunnel car washes and Touchless car washes, we stand behind the safety of our washes with equipment that is consistently maintained by our own fleet of trained service technicians.

Most of our Self Serve car washes are just $1.00 to start, and various cleaning products (towels, glass wipes, etc.) are available for purchase at on-site vending machines.


Need a receipt for a credit card purchase at one of our Self Serve Car Washes?  Go to

*If you have an additional $10 charge pending on your account after using one of our Self Serve locations, it is an Authorization Charge from your financial institution, not us.  It will eventually drop off your account.  If you have any questions about the pending Authorization Charge, please contact your financial institution.

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Self Serve Car Wash Options



Warm High-Pressure






Triple Foam